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You hate your job and are looking for a change. Maybe you already have an alternative option in hand. Then what are you waiting for?

Many fear that resignation might create negativity in your Boss. He/She might just reflect that negativity on your experience and character certificate. So what do you do? You have worked really hard all this while and its time that you get acknowledged for it. Make sure your formal resignation letter is perfect. Follow some simple steps:

  1. Talk before you take Action:  Before writing any resignation letter, you must discuss this with your supervisor. He/She should be aware that you plan to leave. Donot surprise him/her. You can land up in trouble. Speak to your boss and let him/her know verbally why you want to make a shift and how you think it is beneficial for your career growth.
  2. Frame sentences properly : Write  about why you would like to leave. Phrases like "interest in xyz "  and " good career growth " are fine. Donot speak negative about your organization anywhere.  Even if you hate the environment and your colleagues, this is not the right place to vent out your frustration.
  3. Who will take over: Do mention who will be taking over on your behalf. Also mention your notice period that you will be serving and make sure you mention that the work will not be affected and you will ensure that the hand-over is taken care of smoothly.  This is a nice opportunity to recommend any colleague you think is fit for this job.
  4. Thank you Boss: Donot forget to thank you boss for his guidance/mentoring . I know you hate him and that's the last thing you would want to do. But this is mandatory. Donot show any  grudges on a document that will be filed and might be used for future  reference.  Mention your last date in office and end the letter in a good note.
  5. Mark it to right people: Mark a copy to your HR and immediate supervisor. Donot go overboard and mention it to everyone that you plan to leave.

A good and well framed resignation letter will go a long way in creating a last good impression before you leave. Complete all formalities before leaving.  It is recommended that you go speak to your HR personally and make sure that your relieving process is a smooth one.



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Create a long-lasting impression!

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This article was published on 2010/09/19